There was a time in my life that I knew and was keenly aware of the fact the eternal God resided within me.

By being awake, I knew the stirrings of deep within me and some of the stirrings within Him.  My heart pounded and longed to constantly be wrapped in His arms of love in a tangible way.  A way that only one that met Him with an opening of vulnerability, would understand. Everything around me slowed to a stop while His life joined with mine in such a way that words were not enough. The longing of my heart was filled in that place of His fullness. The fullness of God flowing through every part of my being with freedom and passion. The moments of Holy Ghost so real that I felt like I could not breathe. The all suppressing greatness of my King as He guided me to a place I had not yet discovered. My mind did not try to keep up or understand as my spirit got lost in His beauty. Me, just a lovesick bride, desiring to be with Her bridegroom. Surrendering to His heart and His plans, was only the entryway to a new place in His spacious heart of love. All-consuming fire, yes, but not the fire that burns in anger as it consumes what is in its way. A fire that consumes with love, melts away the things that hurt the one it desires to possess. Many call on this fire until it touches their skin and then they retreat into a hiding place of self-preservation and loneliness.

My heart’s cry is to be found again in the lovesick desires I once had for my king. That the distractions of the day’s screams would be silenced by the jarring reality of His Presence in the room deep within my being.

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