A Table for two

March 3,2021

Like preparing for a romantic dinner-desiring everything to be perfect, the stage set for an expression of love, of intimacy.

A moment together where the world stands still as the attention of two lovers meet in one space of time.

My heart comes alive when I have completely given You my attention. My soul’s purpose, my deepest longing is not what is on the table but who I share the table with. The Man/the Lover and my friend that eternity cannot rob the relationship birthed in the stillness of sound, the silence of the inner longings.

Many times He sits at a table designed for two but He is the only one left waiting for me.  For me to lay down distractions of mind and heart to choose Him above all.  My heart becomes undisciplined and wild, not wild and free because that only comes through sitting with Him.

Sometimes I will pop in for a few thinking I have received the main course and really it is only the appetizer.  The other courses of our meal He longs to share but I run off to do less important things with tenacity.  If time is of the essence-I squander it for things that are not essential, not crucial for my life.

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