In my attempts to write in the past I have encountered different opinions, different views and different voices that would ring in my head from time to time.  One thing I have learned is, whether you are an international minister or a mom of three, God does not limit His voice or Himself.  It took some searching, some words that were hurtful and some that made me take a look at what God was speaking to me, but I decided to step out into a world that is harsh at times and kind in other times.

So, whether you are a mom like me and you just need freshness in your life or you don’t believe in God, I challenge you to read and think about what I write.  You may be standing in a club one night having difficulty believing God is real and He speaks your name.  One thing I know is God will speak, He always does, so your circumstances, life or beliefs may not be like mine it is okay because Jesus tends to like our individuality and it brings Him pleasure.

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