Defining moment

Written April 25, 2012

As circumstances crowd my mind and try to define me, I will trust in You because You are my defining moment.  The space in time where my life is changed.

Can a person be a space?  Ha!  You occupy time, You are time, You are all and in all, time does not define You, You define what time is.  Is time the truth?  No You are the truth.  The space Your realm, You fill up as much as can be handled.  HANDled.  The outer edges of You are but a taste, the depth, the inward longing response to the space I occupy.  Does my space welcome You?

Who defines You?  If there is no one higher who defines who You are?  You define Yourself or do I define You according to how much I receive of You?  Do I define You in me by how I act, by what I call You, by who I see You are?  You are indefinable but yet You give me the definition, the meaning, the explanation, nothing hidden.

Like a gift You’ve given…I am the definition, the meaning, the explanation of who You are!  To the world…I am indefinable because You are.

-Paula Keck

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