What is the sound of freedom?

Is it the sound of chains falling?

Is it the sound of the King saying it is finished as He gave His all for me?

Is it the first sound of rain after a long drought?

Is it the first sign of spring?

The sound of freedom the one that pushes me to abandonment, the sound that not only frees my soul but captivates me just the same.

The sound that rings in my ear a familiar tone but oh so different.

The first cry of a baby, the first smile, the first laugh.

Frees the heart to experience joy.

But what does freedom sound like, it is the war cry of a warrior in battle, is it the cry of desperation?

My sound of freedom is HIM, whispering in the depths of my soul, my name.  Completion takes place, a completion that I know he knows me, that He loves me, He knows where I am.  He knows my greatest desire and even those that don’t really matter.

Sometimes the sound of freedom in speaking my name is one of a lover, one of a friend, one of a husband and one of a father.

Despite how or why the completion of my freedom is recognized in the fact that HE KNOWS ME.  That in this knowing HE LOVES ME JUST THE SAME.

In the blackness of my heart, the ugliness of my soul, the distractions of my mind, HE KNOWS ME.  And His love is not hesitant.  His love is not bashful, His love is compelling.  Compelling me onward to a place, a place of abandonment of letting go of all the things that I see to embrace Him.  To embrace His voice, His tenderness, His unlimited love.


-Paula Keck

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