Measured by a rhythm

We complicate things in our attempt to stay safe, to stay balanced in our lives. We focus on the safety and look at the net ready to catch us if we fall that we forget to focus on the Person who was never safe or balanced in His love. Most people will admit they desire for someone to lay all things aside for them. To pursue to chase the love that they want. The affections of a man a woman will abandon her conscious, even her deepest desires. She will give up friends, family everything that is comfortable to be with the one she thinks she loves. Maybe this heart of abandonment is from God because He abandoned everything, nothing undone, northing familiar. But yet being the Creator familiar with everything. He stepped on this earth because of His deepest desire that He wanted to please His Father.
Was the desire already in Him? Or did it become His after grabbing the heart of a father the Father of humanity. The Father that transcends our thinking, our thought process, our feelings, even the deepest ones we think we have He is so beyond that.
Above and beyond all things all the things in me even ME. I don’t understand His mind-I want to understand His heart. Maybe then I will understand a bit of His mind. As computers store memory in a place we cannot see we know it is there we know He is there with His memories of love towards us. We do not/cannot comprehend a love that is so luxurious but so common in the same breathe. Common because it should be to our heart, a no brainer. A nucleus a center of our life. A heart beat separate than ours but in rhythm. His heart on top of ours to cover what some may see as weakness, a new view of His strength. His heart empowering ours to beat to His rhythm to His timing. Like a drum beat sets the pace of a song. His heartbeat sets the pace for our song, our life. HAHA! Abandoned to His rhythm, a covering rhythm, a choice to flow, to beat, to sync with His heartbeat. All I hear and feel is His heartbeat inside my chest. It doesn’t skip a beat as circumstances change but is steady and embracing. It speeds up when one of His is blessed, when they step out in faith to shine Him. A beat of pride for them. A stirring that brings joy to His heart, His emotions are full of compassion and love. Overwhelming, overwhelming to know and feel Him inside in the depth that no one knows but Him. I cannot even go to the depth He is in my heart in my life. My mind, intelligence escapes me to even know this Man that lives within me. A Man even though I am a woman. HAHA! I embrace Him to lead me, Him that reaches a depth.
Like a waterfall falling off of a cliff so my heart falls into a depth of water of His love and becomes lost. Lost in the embrace of His heart, His covering.
A desire in man to be touched to be held in that place. That place where there is no room to hide, yes vulnerability but not judged. Not judged by the standard of this world but by a creator. By His standards, a standard a ruler labeled by love. A ruler too big but not too big to measure up to because this stick is one to be touched, dripping with a blood spilled because and out of love. We measure ourselves by a stick easily broken; the only thing broken by the stick of love was the one hanging on it.

-Paula Keck

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