random showers

Random showers

falling on my head

wondering at times where my umbrella went.

If I were Mary Poppins where would I float too?

A time, a place, a space in time where the only breath I have is wrapped in You.

Just as my body will not live without oxygen, my soul does not prosper without Your voice, my spirit begins to taste the bitter taste of death without Your touch.

Your hand God.  A hand of unbelievable love and compassion for this heart that longs for You.

Wanting to run to a place that is already inside, the place of peace, the place of indescribable passion and integrity is within this body that needs Your oxygen.  Your blood runs through my veins.  My makeup is not independent of Your DNA.

To be lost is to outside of myself, outside of You in me.  My true nature is not without You…

In any time, any place or any space.

Complicated, no a simple surrender. 

A complete surrender of all my truth, my ambition, my desire becoming one with Yours.  A turning not just away from something but to satisfy, to allow a love complete me in my surrender.

Water me in my surrender with underground streams like in the garden.  Holy Ghost You are streams of living water, water me from within.

-Paula Keck

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