I would fight for you
Give my life for you

Turn my ear to you

I would grab tight the sword for you,

Fight with all I have for you!
To see you reach farther than the stars

To fan the flame of the Son

To skate on the surface on the planets, as you go into orbit

Orbit your name in lights of love
You push, you prod looking for a way to run

Run far from who you are

From the one who created you, the Breath

You take my sword, throwing into the abyss of self-loathing-

You tie my hands with the fear that surrounds you.
Too afraid to jump

Jump off the edge of earth to orbit in His love.

JUMP JUMP-untie me and let me fight for you.

Let the cliff be soft and the jump be freeing.
STOP resisting destiny!

The destiny that invades your dreams and calls your heart.

The destiny that whispers to you when your mind is still and your heart is focused.

It is chasing you.
The destiny fights against things that hinder.

Hinder the best while you embrace the good.
Don’t relax in your run to the cliff

Not a time for a break or to stop at all.

It is time to jump off of the cliff, knowing your place is to orbit His love!

-Paula Keck

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