Full Success

A need for change…a new pen, a new notebook.  A need for a change of season or just a new way to embrace.  A choosing to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly…the ugly being only a place of vulnerability.  Too often unwilling to go.  Go to the depths of a soul crying out for success.  Success defined by a life fully laid down, laid down on a bed of invisibility but completeness, wrapped in trust.  Too often looking for a blanket to hide under, to only hide the fears that lurk breathing in the depths of darkness few are willing to venture.  Venture only leads to an adventure full of an unswerving determination of confidence.  Confidence in the hand that strokes the hair and breaths life in every fiber of one’s being.  A peace of life.  His peace of His life.  Desiring for more than a piece but maybe unable to handle, so seclusion appears to be more satisfying, offering contentment.  Seclusion only truly brings loneliness and compromise.  Compromise of self and self desires because someone said that success cannot be gained but only passed by, to see from a far, as a train of life leads to another station.

What a lie, as the train pulls to the station labeled trust and obey.  I throw my bags first onto the platform as I prepare to step off the train of mediocrity.  The journey, not one to be recognized by some as eventful.  Many events along the way of forgetfulness.  Forgetting those things which are behind to jump off and onto the platform that has a translucent color to it.  Not knowing if it will stay or go but nonetheless I step on and off into the bed of vulnerability to begin this new journey by way of trust and obey.

-Paula Keck      April 20, 2016


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