Not me!

I have fought a desire.  Fought a dream.  Fought a piece of life I knew I needed.  Life not in abundance that I was use to but something I have only experienced in spurts.  Spurts but choice.  

Why knowing there was a treasure to be found would I avoid the map?  He is my ultimate gift, my ultimate treasure.  My map to Him according to my giftings.  This doorway I have only accessed occasionally when seemingly forced by a gentle Spirit. The gently whisper, tug became a wave breaking against a heart of fear and a mind scattered.  

I have been comfortable to leave certain life boats only to be found on another one.  This one, I would not just step out but jump as I realize the danger is in the boat.  A danger to my heart being free.  Free to explore the map, to find my treasure, to express myself through the giftings He has placed in the depth of me.  

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