Orbit explained

We all have those whom we love so much that when we see them struggle we want to throw ourselves out there to fight for them.  And sometimes we fight and we do all we know to do and, yet we are rejected because of their fear.  They are relunctant to trust.  So our motivation to see them succeed in life, to grab hold of all that God intends for them, is questioned from a heart of pain.

Many times Jesus will give them a choice to jump into freedom, in essence into Him, who is Love.  But there is a resisitance that takes place deep within that ties them to the ground.  The destiny, the ‘who’ that God has created them to be, plagues them in an attempt to draw their heart out and into the orbit of His love.

Maybe it is you, you are the one that fights people away who want to encourage you.  The one that looks for another way besides jumping.  The one who tries to push away the person you know that God wants you to become.

Maybe you are the one that fear has brought you a false sense of security so you will not jump for freedom.  You are the one, that when all is quiet around you, you find your heart pulled away to a dream, a glimpse of destiny designed by God specifically for you.

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