Motherhood-How to survive it. 

We wake up and feel our way to the coffee pot, knowing our time is short.

Our time to drink it down in quiet and in preparation of the day we can’t escape.

Suddenly without delay, footsteps come closer and closer,

Like an old, horror, movie with music blaring into the ears of the viewer-one comes, then another and finally all are staring at me as if waiting for a performance at a circus.

No tricks today, at least not until after the second cup.

We made it through the night and joy should fill our hearts but instead a slight sadness because of the night’s interruptions.

Looking over I see immediately a mountain to climb, one unable to be cast into the sea…LAUNDRY!

Does that mountain ever go away?

Then breakfast, as if they walked into a 5-star restaurant to ‘place an order’.

Cereal it is!

The day has officially started.

The title we carry does not just involve the things we do but we give who we are.  With or without coffee.

Many times I find myself running in this rat race, forgetting to look beside or behind me, making sure my followers are beside me under the wings that are covering me.

The needs are great and the demands are enormous.  Sometimes my brain and body feel the pressure of a volcano on the verge of eruption.

We must lean, fall and crash into Him that holds us close to His heart. He is breathing life into us as we pour our’s out.

I pray this Mother’s Day you feel the celebration of our Father who bestows the grace we need daily.

One thought on “Motherhood-How to survive it. 

  1. GOD blessed you with a Gold Medal Mom. That’s what you became. Who YOU are has many titles, but know that GOD MADE ONLY ONE. Love you much.


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