Where is your foot?

The way my husband drives is a point of marital strife. 🙂  He drives with both feet, one on the brake and one on the gas, like we own a 5-speed mini van.  One moment the passengers feel we have left the ground, at takeoff, on our ascent, then suddenly we are bounced back to reality by the pain in our necks when the brake is applied.  Medical experts call this experience “whiplash”!

We experience whiplash not just in vehicles when the brakes are engaged, or when we are involved in an accident from behind.  In our spiritual journey, we also encounter this condition.  There are moments when we rush forward desiring to get to a certain place and then slam on the brakes, thinking we have arrived.  Or we ride the brakes while pushing the gas pedal.  Nothing is more frustrating than being behind a car that is moving, when to our dismay the brakes are administered.

I am reminded of the children’s story, The Tortoise and the Hare.  We know the Tortoise won because of his steadfast run, he kept his focus on the prize, Hebrews 12:1.  While the Hare, being much faster, got distracted by his own ability and the world around him, lost in the end.

Perservance, somedays carry with it a heaviness, as I want to pull off the road of life to take comfort in the damaging gear of park.

Today and for life, I want to keep moving, keep my foot on the gas and only slow down if He tells me to.  I would never have thought to pattern my life after a tortoise but in this case, he is a good example.  I pray that Jesus helps us to be steadfast and focused in our journey.  We will listen to His voice, His direction, drive to His love song.

4 thoughts on “Where is your foot?

  1. It is wonderful. I had a Sunday School teacher who did the same thing. SHE was older then than I am now. She said it kept HER from patting her foot to the song in her heart. She was always humming “Nearer my God to Thee”!


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