A life worth living

life worth living

As my plate is beyond full, if one more crumb falls on it will be found on the floor, I take another step towards a new adventure.  With people yelling words of encouragement at my back to keep me going, I do just that, move forward.  Many emotions swirl inside of me as I begin to feel the heaviness of a life worth living.  A life worth living is one that is surrendered to the God of this beautiful picture we see as the end results of our efforts.  Efforts, many times we do not see the value but have more worth than we recognize.  Recognition not for the sake of myself but of Him that has molded together this image of me that He has put on display.  Display for the world to see as His child surrenders to the desire that changes their existence.  Longing for more than just an existence but a vibrant life, where enjoyment is the goal and embracing is the reality.  Embracing the small victories as well as the big ones.  The ones that scream look at me as well as the ones that hide to be discovered.  Discovered only by the one that is searching for the life worth living.

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