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If trees could talk…

What would they say?

Would they tell about the laughter they saw as a family gathered under its shade?  Or the tears as a child laid on the roots wishing to disappear into the soil?  Would they tell of the excitement it heard as a child’s face was buried into its trunk counting for a game of hide and seek?

If a tree could talk…

What would it say?

Would it only express gratitude for its Creator?  Would it explain the way it wakes from winter to show forth the work it did?  How the journey was long and hard but provision was always available.  Would it tell us the secrets of standing tall during any storm?  And, of allowing the dead limbs to fall to the ground, trusting that new ones would grow in its place?  Maybe it would tell us to take joy in allowing others to take shelter in our strength and feed on our abundance.

If a tree could talk…

I would want to hear of the greatness of our Creator,

Of the obligation it feels to clap its hands in praise and the instinctive obedience when it is called to wither or to bloom, spoken as a sign of a curse or blessing.

I would desire to hear of the confidence it has generation up on generation that the soil would always produce the nutrients needed.  And how the rain always came at the right time.

I would long to understand how it stands as a sign to those who do not believe and how it groans for his generation to be that one that brings restoration.

If we could hear the heart of the Creator through His creation…

We would hear the compelling words of trust and faith.

We would be apprehended by a fierce love.

Listen today…HE IS SPEAKING!

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