Death to His life

What have I sacrificed?

I have only surrendered my death for His Life.

His life…

One who breaks chains while He conquers

One who heals while on a stroll through town

One who can never bring failure

One who smothers with His passionate love.

Smothers not like a parent seeking to control but one seeking to forgive.

Completely forgive

Complete-holding nothing back in hopes one will come after that is better.

But seeing the best already in the eyes of the bewilderment of His child.

The awe, the wonder He has for the one who has given through love and surrendered his life.

Yes He awes of the love that compels us, it is His, the love that sustains us, the love that moves us into a place of His life.

And Jesus finding delight in us finding His heart in us-knowing how to love-only doing what He sees His Daddy doing.

So His sacrifice-yes from the beginning of time-His heart for me-His passion for you-not bound by a place, not bound by this thing we call time.

Somewhere in my darkness He saw His light already formed in me already living in the death of me, the death I surrendered for His life.

-Paula Keck

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