I want to be weird to the world but also to the Church, the church that is filled with man’s traditions.  Traditions that have only proven to lead people to death and to a deadness that was never intended by a Savior that is the very author of life.  We fit nicely in a box, not the box of the world because that would be wrong but in a box that the Church has built for everyone that would walk through her doors.  Doors that are meant to bring change and freedom only bring about it a new bondage, trading one for another.  One idol for another.  Only this striving is not for the world’s attention but for the church’s.  For be it if we lay aside those things that entangle us, the desire that drives us to succeed in the world system, now runs the Church.  Woe to the one that chooses to serve more than lead, to step out of the norm and paint the box instead of stepping into it.  Paint the box with true expression of freedom which brings about a love for each other and a heavenly love for God, that causes one to jump into the unknown into a sea of grace and truth faith coming with it only added as a topping to love.  Faith based love.  A love that draws us away, into Christ likeness.  A falling on the box of tradition and the indifference of our condition and the world.

-Paula Keck

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