Stumbling block

Many times we wander and we search for significance.  What do we do when we find a place we can feel it and know that it is there?  Do we keep wandering out of habit and comfort or do we settle in and enjoy the ride?  Enjoy the new beginning of life the beginning of resurrection.  The enjoyment of connecting not with people that will abandon but those that will be a family with no regrets.  A family to be proud of and to hold their name up high in honor and appreciation.  Do we choose the easy way of the road, the one that has been marked out by much travel or choose the one that we have to jump over holes and move branches out of our way.  The easy way where we become just another footprint in the mass of the others.  A number on the wall of mediocrity.  Or do we throw gale to the wind and say it is worth the energy, it is worth the tired muscles that I feel with the new load I move.  The load of other’s bags, other’s expectation of your failure.  The stumbling block isn’t a block but a wall that must be climbed despite the bleeding heart and the bleeding efforts of hands and feet to carry, to push and sometimes to drag others along the path.  Drag only because we know the relief is on the other side, not the side of easy but the side of finding the trail that One has laid out, planned for those that will climb, those that will look.  Not ones that become comfortable with who they are and only what they know of Him but those that want more, cry for more, plead for more.  Realizing the making of them was different, unique but one of strength to walk and run the path not everyone wants.  And those that walk a path of ease are important they point to that path that isn’t marked by the majority.  They identify the difference in us while remaining the same.


-Paula Keck

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