Feeling a shift, a breakthrough a stepping on new ground.

New ground for me but not new for Him because He always leads.

Leads to places He is, places He encompasses.

Places no one goes unless their hearts are melted and molded to His.

The wilderness has past but oh did it hurt the weary feet and the head left uncovered.

The mind uncovered as the pressure of the heat tried to collapse my lungs and fry my brain to understand.

Not to control but to overcome the wilderness forced a solider to return to the front lines…different.

I have briefly visited before but this wilderness was different, my heart felt crushed and my knees weak.

Just like people assume illusions are fake, I ran to what I knew was real.

I knew fresh green grass and the flowers that bloom had to be close.

I could smell the sweetness in the air when I stopped to breath.

Even in the wilderness we have to stop to breath, breath Him in.

To keep moving but breathing the strength to endure, the desire to keep going.

And simply to breath to know life still exist.

Exist in my bones, in my heart, in my blood. His life blood.

So where now, I don’t know but as I run through the field chasing and finding Him I will discover.

Discover the new ground. The new pursuit. The new places He developed. The newness of life from my past season in the wilderness.

Paula Keck



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